Response to The Gary Martin Show From Village People Philippines

YouTube Name: Village People Philippines

Response to The Gary Martin Show in The Philippines video
titled: “@Village People Philippines How Do You Feel About Sexpats”

Dear Expats Forums.
Response to The Gary Martin Show in The Philippines video titled:
“@Village People Philippines How Do You Feel About Sexpats”

Since past experience has taught me that any of my replies made on Mr. Martin’s channel, that contradicts his Mr. Martin’s narrative, are quickly removed. His past censorship made me decide to send my response to you in the interest of transparency.

I believe Geoff misinterpreted the age of consent law of the Philippines as many people do. Even the Filipina Pea has misinterpreted laws such as when she and a Barangay councillor misinterpreted the online libel laws of the Philippines by claiming the Barangay had Jurisdiction over such matters. I have filed a case against a foreigner for libel which was accepted by the Regional Trial Court. The Barangay had no legal or valid jurisdiction over such matters and Filipina’s Pea claim otherwise was therefore false and misleading. Does that mean Filipina Pea is a bad person because she misinterpreted a law, absolutely not. It means she is human and like any human she can make mistakes. 

I am sure I have made mistakes, and Mr. Mead made a mistake when he misinterpreted the age of consent law of the Philippines. Does that make him a sexpat, absolutely not.

There is a lot of misinformation on YouTube and that is why I would 
recommend to everyone planning to visit or reside in the Philippines not to consider YouTube as their primary information source and exercise due diligence.

For clarity I personally would like to see anyone who comes to the Philippines participating in sex industry or having sexual relationships with minors, prosecuted.
Regardless of who they are. However I believe things 
should not be taken out of context which is exactly what Mr. Martin does, to create false narratives promoting his personal agendas.

It should be noted in the comment section he wrote: “Honestly I don’t think she will take action against Geoff. She is a hypocrite and all about self. I really did the video. So when she do get the money.
I can call her out 
for it. And show the people that she really doesn’t care about the Filipino people.” (SIC)

This comment made by Mr. Martin goes to show his true motivation and intent. Generally, I consider his opinions as irrelevant, his opinions are often the result of his baseless assumptions fuelled by his limited intellect and lack of comprehension skills.

For example he can’t comprehend that the Charity Corporation is a separate legal entity consisting of six trustees. Village People Philippines is my YouTube channel. Any donations made by Mr. Mead will be made exclusively and directly to the Charity Corporation not to me or my YouTube channel. The Charity Corporation will issue a BIR receipt.

It is his opinion that monies raised by Mr. Mead are illegal and if the charity receives them, it will be in some way tarnished.
The Charity Corporation is 
registered with SEC as a non-stock non profit organisation, and as such follows SEC memorandum including SEC MC 25 Series of 2019.

His limited intellect and lack of comprehension skills once again creates a false assumption which gives rise to a baseless allegation.
There is a 
simple solution, if he or anyone else believes that funds to be received by the Charity Corporation sent by Mr. Mead were obtained by illegal activities, then they have every right to file a formal verified complaint of such an allegation. They can present their evidence to the courts having jurisdiction over the Charity Corporation and a request a temporary restraining order or permanent injunction demanding the Charity Corporation not receive such funds until the matter is resolved.

His or anyone else’s failure to do so, moots their allegation through their lack of action. In fact the Charity Corporation suggests it is done as quickly as possible, as sans a court order the charity corporation will accept the donation from Mr. Mead.

It was requested by me on behalf of the Charity Corporation for Mr. Mead to send his personal donation late December as the charity has not nterviewed or approved any beneficiaries who will benefit from his personal donation. I didn’t want his personal donation to go towards current projects. Although all adsense and superchats received by Mr. Mead is considered personal income to do with as he wishes, he has requested that he is not personally credited but for the charity to instead credit those that watched his videos and contributed to his channel via superchat.
We will 
follow his wishes.

As for me taking action, I am not a party of interest in any possible case or a witness to any alleged crime involving Geoff. I am also not a prosecutor.

Mr. Martin fails to mention what crime has allegedly been committed by Mr. Mead for his misinterpretation the age of consent law of the Philippines and I believe he would be unable to cite any violation of any law which has allegedly taken place. Mr. Mead observation of people “marrying” as young as 13 is more common that people may believe, observation should not be considered as condoning.

We live in a society where people are innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent. When the owner of the channel “The Gary Martin Show in The Philippines” Mr. Martin was incarcerated for beating family members, up to the point his was convicted he was considered innocent.
It was up to the prosecutor to prove his guilt beyond reasonable doubt, which apparently he did. 
Even considering Mr. Martin is a convicted felon, considering the fact Mr. Martin has never been to the Philippines, and despite the fact Mr. Martin is disliked by a number of persons in the local and expat communities in the Philippines. If he truly has a heart to help people in need, any donation he makes will also be accepted by the Charity Corporation.

The Charity Corporation is blind, its only purpose is to help Filipinos, it will not help relatives of the trustees or officers by affinity and consanguinity to the fourth degree. All trustees and officers volunteer their time without compensation. Despite Mr. Martin’s and some of his followers best efforts to undermine the charity’s legitimacy by making false and misleading allegations, the Charity Corporation continues to grow, continues to make a difference and continues to help people in need.

I have no desire to be popular, I purposely don’t make videos where I am the focus, I rather be behind the camera than in front of it. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone nor have need recognition to do what I do.

 My charity videos are uploaded to a channel Defeating Poverty with less than 170 subscribers.
It make no difference to me, if I want recognition I would 
post them to my main channel.
I have work to do and lives to change.