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YouTube Name: A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines

We are fortunate to have some great viewers. They sent us an email suggesting that it would be a good idea to have a page that explains to newbies what has gone on in the past to bring them up to date.

Yes, we said, that is a wonderful idea, but things like that take a lot of manpower to compile and currently we don’t have that available to us.
We thanked them and said we would take it onboard.

To our suprize, Less than 24 hours later we received the document which we post below.
It is writen as if you had Boss Hogg in front of you chatting, an unusual but very effective way of getting the point accross.

It would be also a great read for those that support this Vlogger


It is so great to have support like this and if you would like to do something similar or add to this, please contact us


We Regret That this document has become corrupted

The Expats Team