75 foreigners ‘involved in scams’ deported — BI

A total of 75 foreigners involved in online scamming has been deported last Friday, Sept. 22, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) said.  “As a consequence of their deportation, all deportees have been included in the BI’s blacklist, effectively barring them from returning to the Philippines,” the BI said.   It said the 75 deportees were “the […]

Notice From The Expats Team

Open Invitation to a Right Of ReplyAlthough we have always welcomed comments from those listed on this site we have Never had anyone contact us to inform us that what we have published is not true and correct. The only conditions we have are:_That the person identifies themselves. (Not just some supporter)Provides undeniable proof that […]

Police rescue abducted Filipino-Korean girl

CEBU CITY – Police rescued an eight-year-old Filipino-Korean who was abducted by the caretaker of the apartment where the victim’s family lived in Barangay Bakilid, Mandaue City.

The girl was rescued several hours after she was abducted by Godiflor Rama, 32.

Music To Their Mouths

We welcome another YouTube Channel, “I am Just a jealous Guy” for revisiting this historic article, about the “Icecream Man” Brian Granville Smith and his life before the Philippines.Please visit and support this Youtube Channel.[LINK] Here is an article from 2006 from Chico USA Music to their mouths

The Baby Faith Saga Revisited

Our Congratulations go out to the YouTube Channel, “Exposing Expat Scammers Philippines” for revisiting this great scam perpetrated by expats, Terence Martin Flannery and Brian Granville Smith and their partners.Please visit this Youtube Channel and express your thoughts There were several videos refered to in this video and links to those are listed belowThe sad […]

Randy Wilson and 1 other Arrested

MANILA – The Bureau of Immigration (BI) is set to deport two foreigners arrested in operations in Pasig and Bulacan last month for violation of immigration laws. BI intelligence division chief Fortunato Manahan Jr. said Ghanian Benjamin Akomeah, 38, and American John Randall Wilson, 74, are facing deportation. Akomeah was arrested last Nov. 9 in a condominium […]

BI Employee Sacked For Extortion

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4 LTO Employees Summoned For Extortion

MANILA – The Land Transportation Office (LTO) on Monday has summoned four of its enforcers for alleged extortion caught in a video that went viral on social media. In a statement, the LTO said the four enforcers were from the Field Enforcement Division and were recorded trying to allegedly extort PHP8,000 from a motorist flagged down […]

Australian Arrested For Offshore Offences

Melbourne man charged after allegedly sexually abusing child offshore Wednesday, 16 November 2022, Publish time:8:10am An Epping man appeared before the Melbourne Magistrates court yesterday afternoon (15 November, 2022) after allegedly sexually abusing a child in the Philippines. An investigation into the man, 44, began in September 2022 after he landed on a flight into Melbourne […]

US expat faces jail term for illicit sexual relations

MANILA – A former United States Department of State employee has pleaded guilty to engaging in illicit sexual relations with a minor while assigned at the US Embassy here for four years. Dean Edward Cheves, 63, admitted his guilt to the charges, according to a statement quoting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite Jr. of the US […]