Expats Forums Being Investigated?

Contrary to rumors. As far as we are aware, there is currently no legal proceedings against our website.
While there have been several bogus claims over more than a decade since we have been running, there has not been any succesful claims.and we believe that this will continue.

Website Update

As many will have noticed, we have dropped the ball in keeping this site up to date. This was because of many factors, but not the least, the company that supplied our theme format decided not to support it anymore. Also, our tech support person has now graduated and has accepted an offer of full […]

We Are Back

After a month away visiting our extened families in the Philippines and the USA we wish to announce that we are back online. Thankyou for staying with us during this much needed break. There has been a change to our personeel with Vanessa leaving us to take up a full time position in the aviation […]

Taking A Break

Thanks to the lifting of the travel restrictions, we will now be taking a well deserved break and will be traveling back to to the Philippines to spend some quality time with our extended families and aquaintences  in Manila, Tarlac, Angeles City and Cebu. We will therefore be at the mercy of the Philippines Internet […]

Comments and Spam

Due to the huge amount of spam emails we have to deal with each day, we have reluctlently decided to turn off all comments until we return from our vacation.Perhaps a harsh measure, but we simply will not have the time to deal with it. Be back early August. Cheers

Happy New Year

[pvc_stats postid=”” increase=”1″ show_views_today=”0″] YouTube Name: ExpatsForums From the team here at ExpatsForums, we wish all of you a very Happy New Year.Trusting that 2022 be good to all of us and hopefully bring together so many that have been separated from loved ones. Return ExpatsForums wishes to advise you that, articles, Media, videos etc are […]

Why Did We Make The Offer?

For those that are questioning our motives of our offer to Geoff Mead. If you care to read our About Us page, you will see plain and clear that we are fully funded and have no need of any money. Adsense or otherwise. We would have thought that the reason we made this offer was […]

Mead Adsense Payout Offer

We have had some dealings with Geoff that until now we have kept between us.However his recent out burst against us has prompted us to let all know what actually happened. To say that the GD Mead attack on us is disapointing would be an understatement.As suggested by some commentors on his “Money, Money, Money […]

“The Raw” (minus the Facts) & Response

We have recieved this email from a long time viewer. Before posting this, we asked for a response from The Raw Facts, They have replied and we post their response after the first email. On your website I note that you support “The Raw Facts” YouTube Channel. This channel started with gusto and it was refreshing […]

We Were Victims Of A Hoax

 ExpatsForums.com We were recently the victims of an elaborate hoax. Some person, obviously worried that we were getting too successful in getting the truth out there decided to censor us.This was by the way of. a “Cease and Desist” order against us here at expatsforums.com.This was served on us at our registered address in New […]