100,000 peso assistance for sick child

This is the recent video and paperwork  https://youtu.be/lB3_TpKVpIg?si=tfiviaV6tqvoObAw A copy of the actual hospital account Follow GD Mead on his website at BoholScammers.com

Let Us Help Make Stacey Famous

I am writing to supply details to outline to all viewers how we can realise the dream of this individual who is craving attention, and fame.

His efforts so far on YouTube have not produced the results he obviously desires, that of acclaim and fame and recognition.

So I thought, we, as caring people, can help make his dream come true.

Mayors Response to GD Mead

We have been forwarded a copy of an email from the Secretary of the Mayor of Talibons office to GD Mead about the investigation of alledged illegal activites on Bohol, Philippines Click On Image to View

DENR Inital Response to GD Mead

 We have been forwarded a copy of some intial correspondence from the DENR about the investigation of alledged illegal activites on Bohol, Philippinese

Jimbo 360 BANNED 

The Team here at Expats Forums have made a decission to BAN all Jimbo 360 information from our site.The reason is that while we initally supported his work, of late he has been producing so many half truths or even absolute false information. Things he has been saying as facts were just assumptions.We do not […]

Foreigner in Road Rage in Manila

Here is a video of a road rage incident between a Foreigner and a Manila based bus. Such was the violence, A wndow in the bus was broken. We trust that this foreigner gets caught and justice prevails Please support the Owner of this video and watch it on YouTube

GD Mead Struck Down by Pnuemonia In Cebu

Click Image To View CEBU – We now have proof that GD Mead did visit the Philippines as this video shows him visiting the Team Mead house in CebuPlease visit this Youtube Channel to see the full video