07 Apr 22 – Chris Wren

From The Raw Facts

Christopher Wren

AKA A Brit in the Philippines

Chris Wren

Hi, my name is Chris Wren, I’m hoping to see if it’s possible to stay in the Philippines , for the maximum legal visa stay of three year,before returning home.I’m calling my channel, a Brit in the Philippines. It will be a video log of my Filipino friends, lifestyle, journey and costs of living in the Philippines. Please subscribe and follow me into the unknown and lets discover this beautiful Country and it’s people.

Chris Wren from a Brit in the Philippines, was illegally soliciting donations allegedly to help other, but apparently “Others” was Wren himself.

 Guess what as happened to him?

He’s still enjoying a happy life in the Philippines.  


He is another Vlogger who spends hours on LiveStreams to solicit fund.
He censors comments by only allowing favorable one be published.
He has turned off “Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down” which makes him all the more shonky.

However he is now experiencing a drop off in viewers and is now soliciting for funds to his Patreon account in order for him to survive.

About Christopher Wren

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