Important Announcement

To all our viewers

This is to confirm that contrary to recent rumors, We are not closing down or been closed down.

Times change, so must we.
We shall be continuing to provide a platform for information, content and documents about Expats Behaving Badly in the Philippines.

As we have previously stated, The team here are mainly Expats that have strong connections with the Philippines, mainly through marriage and dislike the disrespect that some (not all) Expats have towards the Philippines and their people.

Of late there have been comments that Expats is Just a GD Mead website.

This is far from the truth, however, yes there has been a lot of GD Mead content, because that is the content we have been supplied.

You are most welcome to send us your stories and information (providing it can be verified as GD has done) and we will post it here.

We set this up to be a one stop place where you could either get information or find links to that information and will be continuing to do so.


Moving forward, GD Mead has a lot of content on our site and it is in no specific order and sometimes hard to find.

To this end, GD Mead now has his own Website named where all his information and documents which were previously on our website will be posted.

Eventually all our GD Mead information will be on the Bohol Scammers website but we will still be providing links to his content.


We have been pleased to have worked with GD Mead in the past and will continue to do so in the future.


WE wish GD Mead every success in his endeavors and trust that you will support his new website like you have done ours.

The Expats Team