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Brian Ahern in further trouble
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Brian Ahern

Brian Ahern
aka: The Ahern Family Vlog on YouTube, aka; Aheezy Da Islander on YouTube 
aka: Katheen Ahern 

The Ahern’s are a dysfunctional Fil-Am family with the American father (Brian) and two children living in the USA and his pregnant wife and 2 younger children living in the Philippines.

He is continually ebegging for funds and YouTube is his only source of income.

Just prior to Christmas 2020, Brian hastily left the Philippines leaving his wife and two of his children behind.
Although there are rumour’s, the real reason for this unusual and hasty departure has yet to be confirmed.

We believe that Brian met his wife in USA, she was at that time married to another American.
He met her in a bar, after they separated, she then was reported by her ex-husband and deported back to the Philippines. 
This is why we believe to be the reason she is in the Philippines while he is in the USA.

 It has also been reported that she has been blacklisted from the USA (unconfirmed)



 He is now in the USA and continuing his scamming from over there.

 He even has a new channel allegedly belonging to his  young daughter (Take Note YouTube)  that he is exploiting

This video is from the Raw Facts YouTube Channel 30th January 2022

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Now posting videos on Porn & Gay websites