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AKA The Old Dog In the Philippines
AKA Gaylord and His Secret Channel

Paul McGill

Don’t listen to the bull shit that comes out of his mouth, he used to be a car salesman after all. Also the Baby Mae channel both working together pulling people’s heart strings for donations. I know a few disgruntled donators now and soon I will livestream with one of em who will come forward. I get messages from disgruntled fans all the time.. usually it’s him, but finally someone will come in live… Livestream TBA

The Kellner Chronicles in the video below highlights how low this guy has gone with ebegging

Another perveted Channel by Paul McGill – Old Dog in the Philippines

This Conman has sucked “Bud Brown” into livestreaming with him. Guess he is using Bud to try and gain some lost credibility.
For those who don’t know, Bud Brown would have to be the Gentleman of Vloggers in the Philippines.
He is perhaps a bit nieve and trusting and it is a shame he is being dragged into the corruption that Paul is involved in.