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Lester & Chat

All Videos Posted by Lester & Chat have now been deleted or made Private

Chat & Lester

Lester is an aging expat that was living with a much younger Pinay and fathered a child with her.
They married but are true ebeggars,
Every video is asking for funds, sneakily as most ebeggars do.
The latest one is to build a house for Chats family (How many times have we heard this
before ?)

They have no shame and use their daughter as a prop to gain the sympathy vote.
Chat is videoed in various stages of undress to get the voyeur vote.
While not much is known of Lester’s past, we have information that he may have been involved in making not so family friendly videos. Google “Lester The Molester” and YOU BE THE JUDGE


We have received some correspondence (obviously from followers of Chat and Lester) claiming that our information above is not entirely correct.
As we like to deal in facts, We have asked Chat and Lester (via email) to correct anything we have here.
As of 04/11/2021 we have not had any response.
So, if you know Chat and Lester, please let them know we are awaiting their response


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