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Lets All Report Tin Tin

YouTube Name: A Foreigner In The Philippines

Terence & Beth Flannery or Terence & Beth Martin or Tin Tin & Lady Beth or what ever name these scammers are going by today, are very desperate people.
They are now reposting videos to You Tube but just giving them a different name.
They have the same content (If you can call it content) but just a different Title.
The Ultimate “Click Bait” scam.
This is against the rules of YouTube, So lets all get together and report them.

While this action will not completely stop them, it will at the least slow them down.

So how to we do this?
This is an example.
Go to A Foreigner In The Philippines You Tube channel.
02.      Click About 

03.      Go down to the Flag symbol on the right.
04.      Click the flag,
05.      Click report user

06.      Go down to “Spam and Scams” and click the circle on the left then click “Next”

07.      Put check mark on the Video “Filipina Craziness on singing videoki”. (There’s two of them)

08.      Put check mark on “American Dean and Miki” check on houses we built (There’s two of them also)
Do this for all the duplicate Videos

09.      Click next and additional notes and place the following text in this box.
“This channel is uploading multiples of the same videos, but with different titles, which means they are breaking your own YouTube community rules.” 

(This text is just a sample but feel free to add whatever you wish.)