Mead Adsense Update

YouTube Name:A Foreigner Telling Truth in Philippines  

This video was posted on 26th October 2021 – Time timestamp date from the video camera is incorrectly set.

This is a copy and paste of the comment that we placed on that Youtube Video.
It appears that it has been deleated but here it is again so we hope this clarifies the critisim that Geoff mead made against us.

Geoff, You missed out several important points.
Yes, We did ask you what was happening with the Adsense.
The reason was, as explained to you at the time, that we had several viewers asking us. What you missed out saying was. That we offered to help you by Advancing to You the total amount that was in the Adsense account so that the money could be paid to the Charity now. We trust that this clarifies your comments about us. So everyone can see what you have done, we shall post those documents for you today

This is a screenshot from and written by Geoff Mead.
All in Upper case so is obviously shouting at us.
We would have loved to reply with the REAL TRUTH about this, But somehow he has decided that he only wants his version heard and has blocked us from commenting on his videos.
A bit like many other YouTubers.

What you have said above is incorrect.
Yes, You did provide us with the information about what you are doing about the
But what you failed to tell everyone was that you provided this information AFTER YOU DID THAT VIDEO.
If you look at the time stamps on the emails you will see that Geoff sent the information to us at 1:47 AM
We opened the email and responed to him at 12:40 PM.
Between these times, Geoff posted the “Money, Money, Money ” Video.
Now we are not sure about you, But apart from a few Vloggers, Who else is up at 1:45 AM?
Well certainly no one here is.