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Mike & Anela
Reason for leaving  Posted 6 July 2022 
You Be The Judge

Mike and Nelly (Mike Holaschke / Anela Hrnic) are Vloggers with a large following who according to their YouTube Videos, Mike is from Germany and Nelly is from Bosnia and have made the Philippines their home base.

As far as we can ascertain, their sole source of income is their YouTube/Adsense renumeration.
Social Blade has their annual income in excess of USD150,000
They also have endorsement arrangements with BMW ans many others.

There has been nothing said about work permits or correct visas, Registration with the SEC or BIR etc.
Most of there videos do not contain any real content and are mainly “Click Bait”.
We have a lot of information on this couple  and once we have confirmed it we shall bring it to you here

The Latest on "Making it Happen Vlog"

as at 15th December 2022

Here are a few videos about this Vlogger, While not giving any evidence of wrongdoing, it does point oout how they clickbait and give the impression that they are ambassadors for the Philippines, which they are not.

Credit to “The Raw Facts”YouTube Channel for these videos.

You Be The Judge

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