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Now believed to be using the name, John Randall Wilson

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Randy Wilson 24 Nov 2018

July 12 2022 - Randys You Tube Channel has been removed

We have information that Randy’s You Tube channel has been taken down, We are not sure at this stage if it was You Tube or Andy himself that removed it.

Although Randy has removed videos, we have been able to obtain a couple that shows the issue being discussed.

Check out the Jimbo360 You Tube Channel for more information

From The Raw Facts Video on July 01 2022 named
“Unbelievable What These Old Foreigners Are Doing To Girls In The Philippines

From The “Jimbo 360 Video on July 03 2022 named
“Randy’s Brother David Speaks up!”

From The Raw Facts Video on July 05 2022 named

“The Candyman in The Philippines Randy has Been At It A Long Time Now”

From Randys own Video named
“10 Minutes with Randy 09 Available Good Woman”
This is the video refered to in the Raw Facts Video

Randy Wilson, Grooming a 12 year old girl
From one of Randy’s own videos

 Tour of Randy’s Home furnished by donations
His landlord is believed to be Edgar Guru Garcia, the Barangay Captain

From Randy’s Website

From Randy’s Website

From Randy’s Website

 Want to contact Randy? Give him a call on SMART  +63 964 459 9881
(This information is available from Randy’s own website)