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Visa Scam (Or Not?)

This information was passed on to us by a viewer who was confused by the content and therefore the reason for the video. Please watch it and then note the areas of concern this viewer has.

A YouTube Video by Brian Smith on 24 November 2020 Taking Jason for his Visa Renewal

Think about this. 
There was a sign saying Panglao, and that’s all. 
No sign anywhere, at any time noting that it was DFA or Immigration just a note on a door about some mundane undecipherable stuff.

Then, how convenient he couldn’t video the office as he said the corrupt staff now won’t allow cameras after being caught stealing money from people???
He then walks around   — there again is no identity to the building or any reference anywhere to any DFA Office??? 
Then Jay – or was it was it Jay?  All masked, hard to see in dark glasses, shows a slip of paper? 
WHAT paper–we don’t know and Brian constantly refers to his passport which amazingly is not seen on camera at all, and whatever that guy has in his hands we don’t know? 
It could have been a MacDonald’s receipt for a cheese burger!

Anyway, no actual proof anywhere in that video of going anywhere except to a  building  with the name Panglao  written  downstairs. 

Google search DFA Panglao – oopss,  nothing  sorry.  .
Plus Brian himself  continually  refers to this  place  being far  better than Cebu  or  going to Cebu or what a  hassle in Cebu this place  is  much better,  no  waiting,

 hmmmm  funny   that  a PI Immigration office  with no  signs at all and  not  one  other  person in sight waiting to  get their  Immigration done???  Seriously? 

Not a single other person lined up or waiting outside or around the building??  

Umm now I ask you expats in the Philippines, 
When have YOU EVER been around a PI DFA or Immigration place and not been shoved pushed shouldered and jostled by dozens of people?


Man, oh Man, he has really endeared himself to Immigration with this video, huh?  

You Be The Judge