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Vloggers In The Philippines

This list is hosted here on behalf of a group  “VLoggers In The Philippines” by this site
It contains listing of vloggers from all walks of life, but all have content in some way about the Philippine Islands which we hope will be a great source of information for you.

This list is far from complete, so if you know of any other channels that need to be added, or changes that need to be made, please let us know so that this information is as up to date as possible.
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This list is hosted here for convenience only.
We in no way are implying that all of these vloggers are ebeggars or similar.
In fact, many of these channels are genuine vloggers that are posting content to entertain and inform you.

With your help, this list continues to grow, we have just reached 300 vloggers with content about the Philippines..
Many thanks to all those that have advised us of additional Youtube channels, and also those who advised that some were no longer relevant, we have removed these.

RefChannel NameChannel URLSubs
1A Brit Farming in the Philippines
2A Brit in the Philippines,300
3A Brit’s Philippine Destination,160
4A British Expat In The Philippines,491
5A British Philippine Destination,132
6A Foreigner and Filipina in Philippines
7A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines,200
8A Foreigner in the Philippines,000
9A Foreigner Living in the Philippines,200
10A Foreigner Telling Truth in Philippines
11A Foreigner's stories in the Philippines
12A Foreigner's Wife in the Philippines,400
13a simple life in the philippines Davis and Erma
14A Twit in the Philippines
15Adam and Jane's Lifestyle,600
16Adelaide River,730
18Agribusiness How It Works,000
19Aheezy Da Islander,000
20All About Filipina Relationships,300
21Amazing Philippines,900
22American filipina Destiny,540
23Amy's Philippines Adventure Channel Stated
24An American Living in the Philippines
25An Aussie Farming in the Philippines,290
26Andre Smith
27Andy Omar,240
28Ann's Daily Life Vlog
29Ash and Kels
31Asian Romance,400
32Aurora's Vlog,860
33AusPhil Adventures Stated
34Aussie Bicolana Lifestyle,600
36Balikbayan Farming with Dave & Emily
37Balitang America,200
38Barry J's Moto Vlogging,211
39Bautista Farm Isabela
40Beautiful Life With Joan & Aimee,300
41Becoming Filipino,000
43Big Kevin-No Bull,570
44Bisdak Pinay Florida TV,400
45Blessed in the Philippines,490
46Blindowl outdoors,900
47bohol catigbian tv vlogbohol catigbian tv vlog322
48Bohol Eco Farm,240
49Bring it on tv,000
50Brit engineer in Mindanao the Philippines
51British life in the Philippines,332
52Bro MikeG,083
53Browning's life in the Philippines
54Bud Brown,800
55Carl The Brit in The Philippines
56Cebu Bossman
57Cebu Traveler,074
58Cebu Women Official,060
59Cess and the City,150
60Check out the RILEYS,671
61Chie Cosares,333
62Chris in Cebu,200
63Chrissy K,700
65come with me too cebu Stated
66Crazy Filipina Love,200
67Crazy monina Life in the Philippines,637
68Cretter Hunter,100
69Daday Simple Lifestyle
70Davao Women
71dave in the phillipines
72David DiMuzio
73Day Dream Philippines,512
74Day Dream Vlog,220
75Delcruzeon Farm,440
76Denny Be
78Diskarte Pinoy TV,400
79DMorales Channel
80Dog is gone Rivertown
81Dorcas Morounmumbo,000
82Down Under Visa Stated
83Dr Mike TV,462
84Dumaguete Filipina,592
85Dustin Backpacks,000
86Eagle News,112
87EHD travels,330
88Eight Miles From Home,000
89Entrepreneur Philippines,870
90Erica Ahern,000
93Escaping to the Philippines,310
95Evan Iliadis
96Every Man Has a Story,800
97Everyday TV,000
98Expat Living in the Philippines,230
99Expat living on the farm.Philippine
100Fair Dinkum Aussie Homestead
101Farmer Juan Ranch,290
102Fat Slob Blog
103Filipina Married To An Aussie,333
104Filipina Wife Life,000
105Filipino Women
106Finding Paradise,300
107Finn Snow,000
108foreigner living in the philippines with a ladyboy
109Foreigners Life in the Philippines,510
110francois williams,800
111Gadget Addict,000
113Ging's Adventures,110
114Gio in the Philippines Stated
115Happiness Crossing94,000
116Happy Homesteader,880
118Harald Baldr,650,000
119Holy Crap What is Next
120Honey Ko,060
121Honeyrain Vlog
122Hoodwinked by an Angel Michael Fazio,200
123how to buy subscribers on youtube
124I am Russel Stated
125Iloilo Living Farm,195
126Island Ladies
127Jack Northrup,800
128Janette B. Romero
129JBM Aquayard,809
130JC Newbie Fancier,470
131Jim & Rose's adventure in Manila Philippines
132Jo Live in the Philippines Stated
133Joana Torreon Vlogs
134Joe Devance,500
135Johnny Khooo,200
136Jordan Melby Vlogs,490
137Joshua Cho,000
138Journey with Gin & Red,080
139JSJ Goat Farm
141Judia's Life,167
142Junevz PH
143Kababayan Weekly,100
144Karen Leonor,360
145Keeping It Real In The Philippines
146Kenlyn in the Philippines
147Kevin Sanders,381
148Khopars Vlog,000
149King Tutt,000
150KongKing in The Philippines Stated
151Kristiane Lim,240
152Kumander Daot,800
153Ladyfarmer thinksBIG,830
155Life In The Philippines,500
156life is beautiful xp,370
157Lina and Talikliks life in the Philippines,760
158Living Abroad
159Living In The Philippines -Jay Hidoshi,000
160Living Overseas TV,200
161Living Philippines,500
162Lorena Vivar Estella,710
163Lots Diary Adventures In The Philippines,800
164Love Beyond The Sea
165Lucys Lifestyle Journal,140
166Ludivese Family Vlog188
167Lyn & Anthony life in the Philippines,500
168Mac N Teens,400
169Makati Mazz
170Makeup By Janine Magahis
171Making it happen Vlog,000
172Maria Satorre
173Maricel's Homestead Kitchen,770
174Marinella Hobby Farm
175Mark Nowhereman,000
176Martin Friedel
177marvin sarona,488
178mda expat life,000
179Mel & Melanie Philippines Dishes
180Meljean Solon,900
181Mindanao Team Roberts
182Mitchell & Family Vlog
183Mommy Riza's Kitchen Stated
184Mr Joes Philippine Dream Life
185Mugs Organic,061
186My Filipino Life
187My Parallel Universe,740
188my philippine journey travel info,300
189My PI Dream,600
190Myk's Philippine Journey Stated
191Nas Daily,862,000
192Nate Hovee,000
193Nhel Plummer,370
195One Pinoy Chic Chats
196Our Glass is Half Full
197Our Half Asian Adventure,100
198Overstay Road,800
199Panlasang Pinoy,050,000
200Paolo Rigotti,790
201Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks,300
202Paul's Asian Adventure,550
203Peter Vandever
204Philippine Antics Expat Help3,888
205Philippine Dreams,200
206Philippine Expat Country Living,280
207Philippine Retirement Stated
208Philippines - Darrell Cheeks Stated
209Philippines and BeyondPhilippines and Beyondnot stated
210Philippines Antics
211Philippines Filipina Gel
212Philippines Fun With JLB & Friends,700
213Philippines Lifestyle 365,660
214Philippines My Paradise,190
215Philippines On Demand,860
216Philippines with John Doe
217Philly in the Philippines,600
218PicBoss Stated
219Pinoy Palaboy,000
220Pinoy Seafarer
221Pinoy Wanderer Stated
222Pirate Cove Philippines
223Post Savage DC YT
225Reekay's Life Beyond The Sea,500
226Retiring in Paradise,170
227Reymarz Vlog Stated
228Rich Buang
229RickShaw Philippines,810
231Road Less Traveled,300
232Road to the Philippines Stated
233Roaming Hogan,300
234Rod's Philippine Diary,320
235RodVivKids Family Vlog,300
236Roger and Gina Provincial Living in the Philippines
237Roma and John
239Rudilyn Crompton,280
241Scott expat in the Philippines,070
242Shev & Dev,000
243ShuakiPie Gaming,480
244Shufa-Jenn Vlog,500
245Simpleng Buhay Lang,060
246Stephen Lee,920
247Steve Montelli Stated
248Street Freak Patrol
249Street Freak Patrol
251Sun Kissed Bucket List
252Sunshine Shoulders,451
253Susie In The Philippines32,000
254Sweets and Spices ph
255Tagum Container Build the A&J Martin Way
256Talia and Family’s Life,140
257Terence-Beth Martin Giving Hope Inc,030
258Texas Filipino,740
259That Philippines Life,000
260The Ahern Family,000
261The Armstrong Family,555
262The Black Filipino TV,800
263The Expat Life 101,270
264The Expats Report,501
265The Exxpat Files Stated
266The Filipina Pea,600
267The G5 Family5,020
268The Happsters,480
269The Hungry Syrian Wanderer,320,000
270The Juicy Vlog,000
271The Kellner Chronicles
272The Martin Pahang III Vlog,200
273The Mr Joe Show Philippines
274The Philippine Experience,200
275The Philippine Info Channel,210
276The Philippines for Us
277The Philippines for Us Stated
278The Philippines, A Foreigners Way Of Life Stated
279The Rizzutos Family Vlog,600
280The Sole Farm Girl,160
281The Traveling Clatt,000
282The World According To Randy1,708
284This is Our Philippines,060
286Tim K,100
287Tim Tom Red Pill
288Tito Tim Travels,001
289Today with Baby Mae,490
290Today With Baby MaeClick Here14,650
291Tom and Meljean,900
292Travis Craft,000
293Travis Fein,000
294Tropical Tim In the Philippines,790
295Turquoise Sunsets,500
296Vagabond Awake,609
297Vagabond AwakeClick Here84,300
298Veteran's Life In The Philippines
299Village People Philippines,000
300Virgil Hopper
301VJM Backyard TV
302Vlogger Grandpa,400
303Wandering Soul,400
304Wayne McGee
306What's up Philippines,999
307William and Wenggay Abrams,370
308Wish For Wanda,010
309Yehnzs">Click Here246
310Your little Pinay">Click Here3,000
311Ysabel Ortega">Click Here75,800
312Yuribruce">Click Here20,700
313Mrs Disqualified vlog .02,100

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