Overstaying US citizen arrested after assaulting delivery rider in Cebu

The Philippines’ Bureau of Immigration (BI) has detained an American who was seen on a CCTV camera berating and physically attacking a delivery rider in Cebu City, central Philippines. Phillip Justin Bean, 43, faces deportation as an undesirable alien. He was taken on March 1 by agents from the BI’s intelligence section on March 1 […]

A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines EXPOSED

We welcome another YouTube Channel, “A Foriegner Farming in the Philippines EXPOSED” about the “Icecream Man” Brian Granville Smith and his life in the Philippines. Please visit and support this New Youtube Channel.[LINK]

Vlogger Arrested

Muntinlupa Mayor Ruffy Biazon lauded the police for the immediate arrest of a German vlogger who uploaded a video of him picking up a girl in Alabang, bringing her to a motel, paying her P1,000, and kissing her. Vlogger “Mr Pogi German” (real name: Marcel Messall), 29, a resident of Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal, […]

3 Arrested for Drug Trafficing

Three alleged members of a multinational crime group have been arrested in the Philippines over their involvement in the importation of almost two tonnes of illegal drugs into Australia.Police allege the three men – a French national, aged 41; a Canadian, aged 33; and a Filipino, aged 42 – imported 1.5 tonnes of methamphetamine and 450 kilograms of cocaine into Australia […]

New Travel Portal

MANILA – Travelers entering the Philippines may now access the new eTravel portal through etravel.gov.ph. The website replaces the old One Health Pass domain, which will no longer be accessible starting December 5. The eTravel platform will host the electronic version of the paper Arrival Card that travelers are required to submit upon entry to the Philippines […]

Australian Charged Again

Australian man jailed for 129 years in child sexual abuse case in Philippines It is the second conviction for Peter Gerard Scully who was already serving a life sentence for the rape and trafficking of girls An Australian man has been sentenced to 129 years in a Philippine jail as part of a child sexual […]

R I P Jacko

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