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Terence Martin and his Associates True or False

YouTube Name: A Foreigner in the Philippines

Recently Terence Martin has been putting up videos alluding to his association with people who have prominent positions on Bohol.

This is to let us all believe that he has their blessing and/or Protection for what he is doing.

But if one takes the time to look into these a little deeper, all may not be as it has been portrayed to be.

This of course is just speculation at this stage.

What one of our viewers has contacted SMNI the Media outlet that gave the recent interview with Terence and Beth Martin.

He asked them if they would do an interview with one of our representatives to put to Terence and Beth, a list of questions that we have for them. 

There is yet to be a response received. One wonders why?

 So some research was done into SMNI (the TV station that did that interview)and find it is owned by the “Kingdom of Jesus Christ” How convenient!  (Check them out on Wikipedia).

 So what we conclude, is that what has been published is not balanced reporting, as required by the terms of their telecommunications license.

 What they are doing is just giving the viewers the one side of the story that they wish to put.

Very typical of many such organisations, that are pushing their own barrow.


On another Occasion, There were photos and videos with Terence & Beth Martin published on YouTube and Facebook with Congresswoman Lexie Tutor.

Congresswoman Lexie Tutor with whom Terrence was shown in a video with (without a mask) and also on other videos, about this association and endorsement.

We asked her (via her Facebook page) if she was aware of the real Terence Martin or Terence Flannery as he is sometimes known.

The post stayed for about 24 hours and had many replies (some for some against) But Now all deleted.

 Congresswoman Lexie Tutor was then sent an email with the same information, Once again No Reply.

It is known for sure that the email was delivered as there is a delivery receipt.

So being able to get honest answers about all this is like drawing teeth, Very difficult and painful