Mircea Danu (aka) "Mitch"

YouTube Names: Expat  living in the farm Philippine Old n Broke & The Seeker

NOTE: This is the correct channel disregard any other

Mircea Danu (aka) “Mitch” is an expat in the Philippines origionally from Romania, and did spend some time working in Australia and in 2016, he had a business in Victoria called “Mircea’s Welding”

Among many things he is an Adventurer, Sailor, Boiler Maker, Traveler, Explorer, Farmer, Vlogger.

Mitch is another expat  who has run foul of at least one other expat and is having difficulty getting issues resoloved. 

He is currently back in Romania where he is embarking on his latest venture of raising Quail.

Check out his YouTube channel for an update on this.


Wishing You Well


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Selling The Farm

Journey and Reality about Bohol #2


The Interview Part 1

Journey and Reality about Bohol #1


The Interview Part 2

After a long time waiting we can now publish the Money Transfer Reciepts that have been much talked about

Please Note: These were not provided by Mitch or sources associated with him. We found them available in the public domain. While these are just the ones we have located, the value of them is a total of PHP 264,708.99, the amounts that we were told on several YouTube Videos were different Maybe there is some explanation or some we have have missed. If Mitch could shed some light on this, Even confirm or deny that they are the correct receipts,  we have no doubts that they are, That would be great. Likewise, the text messages came from the same source.

Funds Sent to Brian and Gina for the upkeep of the animals

2020-06-29Ginalyn Francisco6966406616,501.73
2020-07-06Ginalyn Francisco7419625516,590.61
2020-07-13Ginalyn Francisco6549355816,610.91
2020-07-20Ginalyn Francisco8653849313,306.25
2020-07-27Ginalyn Francisco8507284113,482.47
2020-08-04Ginalyn Francisco7863971310,366.55
2020-08-11Ginalyn FranciscoAU136204774010,494.30
If we are missing anyPlease let us know
Payments are a regular 7 days apart

Funds Sent to the Ex Caretaker for the upkeep of the animals

2019-11-04Rochelle Gadiano Serna795282453,295.71
2019-11-07Rochelle Gadiano Serna840146764,033.97
2019-11-24Rochelle Gadiano Serna711683186,409.4
2019-12-24Rochelle Gadiano Serna243139146,656.75
2019-12-31Rochelle Gadiano Serna566852472,300.35
2020-01-03Rochelle Gadiano Serna977311223,336.93
2020-01-09Rochelle Gadiano Serna860993003,428.53
2020-01-13Rochelle Gadiano Serna692481656,616.58
2020-01-16Rochelle Gadiano Serna832855973,024.41
2020-01-22Rochelle Gadiano Serna754340309,663.52
2020-01-30Rochelle Gadiano Serna326434537,530.45
2020-02-07Rochelle Gadiano Serna268793262,230.05
2020-02-21Rochelle Gadiano Serna210962182,282.43
2020-02-24Rochelle Gadiano Serna604316404,530.51
2020-02-28Rochelle Gadiano Serna442934502,009.63
2020-03-02Rochelle Gadiano Serna672924005,027.28
2020-03-05Rochelle Gadiano Serna573653517,958.46
2020-03-08Rochelle Gadiano Serna706795362,917.86
2020-03-13Rochelle Gadiano Serna685101163,157.75
2020-04-03Rochelle Gadiano Serna864482624,332.35
2020-04-07Rochelle Gadiano Serna781785105,847.05
2020-04-09Rochelle Gadiano Serna325917532,169.44
2020-04-15Rochelle Gadiano Serna3206301715,733.92
2020-05-01Rochelle Gadiano Serna956659813,088.98
Rochelle Gadiano Serna579131333,228.78
2020-05-18Rochelle Gadiano Serna522407805,356.24
2020-05-22Rochelle Gadiano Serna725232703,257.01
2020-05-26Rochelle Gadiano Serna259776493,128.46
2020-05-28Rochelle Gadiano Serna748069833,156.36
2020-06-04Rochelle Gadiano Serna969688599,960.56
2020-06-12Rochelle Gadiano Serna999908373,438.89
2020-07-22Rochelle Gadiano Serna919461113,224.96
2020-08-11Rochelle Gadiano Serna1282588960710,494.50
2020-11-12Rochelle Gadiano Serna329935624,528.10

Copies of texts between Mitch and Brian Smith