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Warning All, We Have A New Troll On The Block

YouTube Name: Impacto ang Aswang

Sadly we have to report that there is another new troll on YouTube Spreading hate and lies to all that will listen to him.
Perhaps we shouldn’t call him a new Troll but an Old Troll with a New YouTube name.
The One and only Racist Vlogger “GARY LANARD MARTIN” Yes folks, the One and only (thank goodness) , “KongKing”.
Because he has had so many warnings that his current channels have been threatened with shutdown because of inappropriate video he is running scared and started this new one.

Gary Lanard Martin, You can run, but you can not hide – We bet your heart misses a beat every time your Mommas door bell rings, Yes, they may be coming to take you away again.


Gary Lanard Martin

Impacto Ang Aswang

Our thanks to the Kellner Chronicles for this information