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13(a) Visa’s

There has been a lot of comments recently about 13 A Non Quota VisaĆ”.

The 13(a) Non-Quota Visa
Is issued to foreign nationals who have contracted a valid marriage, recognized by Philippine laws, with a Filipino citizen.  The petitioner of the visa should be the Filipino spouse. While waiting for the visa approval, the Applicant can stay in the Philippines under a tourist visa and extend the status as applicable.

While the 13(a) visa is being processed, a Special Work Permit (SWP) is advisable if engaged in local employment.

The Special Work Permit (SWP) is a work permit intended for short term assignments/employment of up to 6 months.
A locally registered company must be willing to serve as the Petitioner.
The SWP is good for 3 months during the initial application and extendible for another 3 months. During the course of the SWP validity, the status of the foreign national remains as tourist.
Thus, tourist visa extension must be undertaken if necessary.

The example below is for a British Citizen such as myself, but the basics remain the same. Information for your Country is available on the BOI website