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Terence-Beth Martin Giving Hope Inc – The Plot Thickens

Again, we have received some more information from a viewer.

Dear ExpatsForums
In regards to the Annual return from Terence-Beth Martin Giving Hope Inc.
When I read It, I noticed some anomalies.
I contacted and asked DSWD to clarify a couple of questions.
One question was why was the contact e-mail, jd1601jam@gmail .com given as the contact e-mail for Terence-Beth Giving Hope Inc, when in fact it belongs to a Director of Village of Hope Orphanage.

Page 2 of Terence-Beth Giving Hope Inc, charity annual report 2020.
At the bottom of the page it asks for “Contact person information”. The contact given is Beth Martin, but the e-mail address is not Beth Martins.
It is the e-mail of Jamaica Auxtero, a Director of the Village of Hope Orphanage.

It clearly states on the form “The contact MUST be an Officer of the Corporation”.
Jamaica Auxtero is not an officer of the Terence-Beth Martin Giving Hope Inc. Corporation.
So, this is false information and I asked the DSWD to explain.

Could the woman in charge of DSWD Region 7 be trying to fob us off as best she can.
There looks like there may be more going on in Bohol than meets the eye.

Why would Village of Hope get involved with the Terence-Beth Martin Giving Hope Inc?
The previous mayor of Talibon was Restituto B. Auxtero (A relative of Jamaica Auxtero) and he is a certified public accountant, so who knows what they are up to?


Our view is that this is not a legitimate reply and is off topic, could this just be an exercise in buck passing?

Please keep this issue alive and send emails to DSWD and ask similar questions.