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Driving Illegally In The Philippines?

As read out on YouTube by G D Mead
From the Origional Email – Here

As A Foreign National Visiting Or Living In The Philippines You Are Allowed To Drive A vehicle In The Philippines Using Your Own Foreign Driving Licence For A Period Of 90 Only
Once the 90 days has passed and you wish to continue Driving a vehicle in the Philippines you MUST obtain a Philippine Driving License
You can convert your foreign driving licence into a Philippines issued one by visiting your local Land Transportation Office IF your foreign licence is still valid

If your foreign licence is EXPIRED then you MUST complete the written and or practical exam
The rules and regulations in the Philippines are similar to many other countries in the world that require long stay visitors over 90 days to apply for a local driving licence

Brian Smith has been living continuously in the Philippines for 3 years and has clearly been driving illegally for at least a 2 year period

In this video titled – Getting Maricels Drivers Licence https://youtu.be/_wSaeEzmmGo Uploaded On March 9th 2020

You can listen to what Brian Smith is saying on a international platform (YouTube) that he will get HIS driving licence next week
This video was published on “A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines” YouTube channel on 9th March 2020
Brian Smith came to life permanently in the Philippines in July 2018
So that gives at least a 17 month timeframe where Brian was driving illegally in the Philippines, a total length of time of 20 months minus the 90 day or 3 month grace period where he was allowed to drive using his American Drivers licence

Please make a note that from the period of October 2018 to March 2020 are the exact months Brian Smith was driving WITHOUT a valid Philippine driving licence
Making his insurance VOID – But more about insurance on another video

Brian Smith gained his drivers licence In February 2021 as confirmed by his public video published on tube channel “A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines” 
Titled – All Day At The LTO To Get Our Drivers Licence –  
https://youtu.be/XUwTX3EBIhI – Dated 22nd February 2021

In this video Brian Smith claims that his American Drivers Licence has now expired and he has to complete the written exam to gain his Philippine Drivers Licence as per the LTO rules we previously stated at the beginning of this video
We already know Brian Smith did not have a valid Philippine Drivers Licence from the period October 2018 to March 2020
A 17 month timeframe, and now we can confirm using his own videos of when he actually received his Drivers Licence in February 2021 that he had been driving illegally in the Philippines for a continued time of 28 months
Brian Smiths own videos are the proof he was breaking Philippines Law

Just remember folks, this is the guy who claims to be informing you of how to obtain permits and licences in the Philippine

At this point we don’t believe it is time worthy to report Brian Smith for this direct violation of the driving violation to the Land Transportation Office as he now does have a valid Philippine Drivers Licence
The direct irresponsible actions of an American citizen living in the Philippines, we feel the Bureau Of Immigration should be aware of this matter as it is their belief that foreigners residing in the Philippines should follow the law of the land

A one month or a few months lapse in getting your Philippine Drivers Licence may be forgiven with excuses of ignorance but a 28 month lapse of time is just a snubbing the laws of the land

Please Make Your Complaints To The Local Bureau Of Immigration using Brian Smiths Own Videos Of Proof To Back Up Your Claims And Make Sure To State The Dates Where Brian Smith Did Not Hold Any Legal Philippine Drivers Licence
October 2018 to February 2021

Bureau Of Immigration
Main Office

Bureau Of Immigration
Bohol Field Office
Isser Harrel Dr. Magbanua
0948 454 1213

Bureau Of Immigration
Cebu Field Office
Joel M. Valencia
032 345 6441