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Help in writing a complaint to the BIR

Having trouble with writing a complaint letter to the BIR, well here is the text from a viewer that you can use to assist you compliling your complaint

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kumusta and Mabuhay,
I write again to  advise  that an American Ex Pat, Brian Granville Smith of  Purok 5 , Tanglihague, Talibon , Bohol  is  not complying with Philippines Taxation regulations  in regards to his  income  of  several million pesos per year derived from his  You Tube  Channel  A Foreigner Farming In the Philippines. Here is the  link to that channel
Please note this You Tube channel has been running for over  four years without being registered for tax in the Philippines and Brian Smith has  used that channel to tell other Philippines foreigner Ex Pats  to also NOT register as  he says  it is  fake news. 
Smith uses this channel to  accept cash donations  of  hundreds of thousands of pesos via PayPal, Patron and  Super Chat donations. He also accepts  funds in large  amounts from his subscribers  via Western Union, LBC, Lu Hillier  and several other  financial money transfer organisations.
He also accepts an unusually high number of Balikbayan Boxes  full of expensive equipment including electric pumps.  portable  generators,  farming equipment and  high quality power tools as well as  huge amounts of other expensive items. We now  know  most of these items are immediately sold for cash.
May I ask why this foreigner  seemingly  is allowed to do this and  have  no thorough investigation of his income made  by BIR?
I am aware  of  dozens of complaints  sent to BIR regarding this person and  cannot understand why BIR has done  nothing to investigate  his  YouTube channel,  incoming Balikbayan Boxes and other suspect income streams.
Now that BIR has issued a  memo to all  staff outlining that all foreign vloggers be  investigated I formally request you  look into this tax  evading foreigner and  audit his  income  completely.
Kind Regards  and Salamaat,