How Many Friends Can You Loose In 12 Months?

Again we thank some viewers for providing this interesting content

Hi Expats Team

It has been some time since I wrote an email about happenings on Bohol.
But, I have just had a great meeting with the asawa of one of the Expats Team, and over a few beverages, we compiled a list of people that were called by Brian Smith in his videos as “Friends”.

We have  gone back only 12 months and have listed  the names of people who he at the time called friends.

I am sure there are some that I have missed, but we have compiled a list of 35 people.
How many of you out there in your local area have lost 30 plus friends in the past 12 months as the Bohol Brain Surgeon (Doc’s words) has?


This is the list that we came up with:

·       James,

·       Sandy & Jeff,

·       Mike & Bonnie,

·       Gabrial & Jodalyn,

·       John & Monina,

·       Dwayne & Lovely Mae,

·        Gary & Elenora,

·       John & Sheryl,

·       Mircea Danu (Mitch),

·       John & Richard,

·       Jason & Jhen,

·       Philiip & Gladys,

·       Jerry (Mr Fixit),

·       George,

·       Karen & David,

·       Lyn & Anthony,

·       GingGing

·       Lester & Chat,

·       Loulita Biliera,

·       Gertie & Scott

Well, we never hear about these people now do we?

Also when we were going through a few of these videos we noticed that there were a lot of places he used to go but doesn’t anymore, The different hardware stores, the Garage that he always went too etc etc

Again we noticed that there were many different people that he had working for him who are also not mentioned anymore.
Perhaps someone would like to make a list of them ?


We hope you find this email interesting and please feel free to add any we have missed.

Madeline & Jane