YouTube Channel:  A Foreigner Telling Truth In Philippines

A Foreigner –farming?? in the Philippines but cant grow vegetables???

Below is a COPY of an email sent to us by a viewer of this website and read out by G D Mead. [Link}

In a livestream a couple of weeks ago someone asked Brian did he store any of his vegetables from harvest
Brian replied that there isn’t any need to store vegetables long term because the weather in the Philippines is good and you can plant all year round without having to worry about cold or growing seasons
He said, he knows only of one foreigner who does “canning” and in his opinion it’s a waste of time
For those of you who don’t know what “canning” is, it’s an old form of storing food using glass jars and a pressure cooker
So that got me thinking, if the climate in the Philippines is perfect for growing fruits and vegetables all year round
(I’ve never been to the Philippines so I would have to take his word on that) 
Then why does he buy his fruits and vegetables from the local market?
His own words, he says in the Philippines there are no growing seasons and you can grow all year round
So why isn’t he doing that then? Why does a farmer have to visit the market every week to buy the produce that he can grow so easily himself?
Is there 4 able adults living on the farm who could achieve this without the need to employ a worker, between all 4 adults it wouldn’t be a huge task to achieve if you think about it
Hell, the little lady next door and consing can achieve it in less than 6 months and that’s only 2 women, HALF the manpower that’s available on Brian’s farm 
Brian also said that storing fruit and vegetables is a waste of time
But why would it be a waste of time? If you harvest more fruit and vegetables that you need then why wouldn’t you store it for future use? 
And that got me thinking into the business mindset of Brian
Let’s take a simple, easy vegetable like beans, peas or corn
If you plant your garden with those vegetables and you harvest more than you can eat
Why would you sell the excess harvest for one price, only to then buy it back (most likely) at a higher price in the future
It doesn’t make sense
I have watched and followed the foreigner who he was referring to and they have great success at growing on their farm
The channel is “Expat Country Living Philippines”
You can all go to their channel and see the regular abundance of vegetables they produce time and time again
So we must ask this question, why are they successful at growing and he is not
There can be only one answer to this, time and effort
And its the time and effort that Brian, Maricel, Gina and Tatay just don’t seem to care about on the farm
We saw Brian visiting the solar store telling us his monthly bill for electricity is between 10,000 and 15,000 pesos per month and it would be cost effective to have an off grid system to supply the farm with electricity
And we know from previous videos that their monthly food bill is also 10,000 to 15,000 pesos per month
So why wouldn’t it be cost effective to supply your own fruit and vegetables? 
Isn’t it the same thing? Brian is looking for ways to save money on his monthly bills
Which I commend him for doing so
But that raises another question?
Then why is Brian spending 200,000 peso or $4000 on a new house for Gina and Tatay at the same time of trying to cut monthly bills down
And where is that money coming from? Brian doesn’t have 200,000 pesos on hand to pay for it, you know why we know that? 
Because he said it himself on video
Unless recently he sold his red van and combining that money with the 40,000 deposit from the Shrimp Pond he might have half of that money needed to build the house but the rest is “no budget” 
We saw only the other day Brian saying he wants to stop relying on his youtube income to support his lifestyle
So again, how does that make sense to spend 200,000 pesos on a new house when that money could be invested into a total redesign of the farm with the vision of making some money, maybe even enough to replace his youtube income
Just think about this for a second, tatay is being PAID a salary to build his OWN house, that’s 12,000 pesos per month out of the budget straight away
If the house takes 4 months to build then that 48,000 of the 200,000 budget is 1/4 of the entire house budget
If your trying to save money Brian then why are you paying someone a salary to build their own house? 
That 12,000 peso would cover nearly all your electricity bill right now? And the next 4 months bills
Unless someone else is paying the bill for the house
This video is about Brian saying he wants to cut down his bills and stop relying on youtube for his income
But he is spending money he doesn’t have, so either he has the money in the bank or someone is sending him the money
We already know someone send Gina the first 10k to buy materials
How many contractors in your country who do private work for themselves on their own property pay themselves a salary
How many construction workers in your country who do private work for themselves on their own property pay themselves a salary
How many electricians in your country would do some work on their own house and pay themselves a salary
How many carpenters in your country would work on their own house and pay themselves a salary
How many plumbers in your country would work on their own house and pay themselves a salary
Are you getting what my point is now? Have you heard anything so ridiculous as paying someone a salary to build their own house
Oh wait, I have heard that before
When Tin Tin and beth were paying their family members to build their own homes out of the donated money from subscribers
Again, we are just putting out the information
Again, you be the judge
Next video we are going to list successful farms in Bohol and show you the difference between Brian and them
Watch this space