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Emails GD Mead to DSWD 8th September 2021

Below is a COPY of an email sent to DSWD and read out by G D Mead. [Link}

———- Forwarded message ———
From: G.D MEAD <>
Date: Fri, Oct 8, 2021 at 6:51 AM
Subject: Re: DSWD FO 7 | Update on Concern re: Brian Granville Smith
To: Standards Unit FO 07 <>
Dear Sir/Madam,
I refer to your  email response above and  point  out  no such update  has  been sent to  me.
In the  meantime  the  person  named, Brian Smith, has  posted  on YouTube  this  further  video  regards  his attention to DSWD  and  which  greatly disturbs  me  personally as  in it  he  directly  refers  to your  four   investigating officers as   intensely rude  people  name  calling an  absent witness  in very derogatory terms  behind  his  back.
Here  is  the  link Please watch  this  in it’s  entirety.
I somewhat think Sir/Madam, this  is  highly detrimental to the  reputation of  your  colleagues as well as  DSWD as an entity.
I am  supplying you  this  link to  see and  hear  for  yourselves  how  this  man  represents  your staff  and   now  request, pulihog, a  copy  of the  minutes  of  this  meeting  in  full  so as  to  be  able  to  intelligently pursue this  matter   ,  up  to  the  highest levels  if  necessary  as  there  has  been  no proper   investigation made at all,  just apparently  a  minor  Q&A at Barangay Level  where  no  one   but  himself was  present to  answer the  case against  him and  how  anyone  can make  a  conclusion from one  side  only  is  intriguing  indeed.

I also request a  complete  record  of the   reports  from your  officers, which would  obviously be written  and submitted  by the  aforementioned  4 DSWD   staff who  apparently  attended  this  meeting?   

DSWD  have  in their  files  dozens  of  reports  of complaints against this person  and  the  matter  of  his  blatant  solicitation  for  charity events.

A  good  deal of  proof  has  accompanied  these complaints  including  his  own videos and  confessions  of  involvement so  do  not  think  his  explanation  or  one  video  from  him of an apparent enquiry  will  be sufficient for  us  as  honest, law  abiding and  tax  paying  expats  to  allow  this  man to  continue  to   flout  your  laws and  make  us all   look bad  in the  eyes  of  our  Filipino Community.

If  you   check your files  you will see  the  evidence  previously provided  not  only   by myself  but many other  concerned  residents and  community members  regards  this  person and  his  unlicensed  solicitations  both  Internationally  online  and  in  Talibon Bohol itself  where  large  sums  of  kwarta  were  collected  by  him,  pocketed  for  his  own benefit and all  in the  guise  of  Charity.

No tax  or  any  DSWD regulations  were even looked  at while  all this  was  happening and   we  will  not as  separate  individuals  or a  commonly allied  group  cease  in our   attempts  to  allow  this  to  be ignored.

If necessary we  shall obtain the  information  of  the  meeting and  findings  via  F O I as is  our  right  but  I am confident  you will  reply  in the positive  with that  documentation yourself.
Kind Regards,
G D Mead.