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Is A Building Permit Required on Bohol? (Updated)

The question has been asked if Boss Hogg needs a building permit for Gina and Tatay’s new house.
Well an eagle-eyed viewer has come across this conversation on the local Barangay Facebook page.

In essence it says yes a permit is required and the construction must be inspected and rated before electricity, water and sanitation can be connected.
It then has to be inspected and signed off before occupancy.
It also states that the permit and number must be displayed on the construction site.

Now we are sure that Boss Hogg being the law abiding christian citizen that he says he is, has all these requirements under control.

Below are screenshots of the comments for which we thank our viewer for.

Response as copy/pasted
yes, a building permit is required for that type of construction. A building permit application together with the plans should be submitted to the Office of the Building Official in your area, in-charge on permitting and enforcement of building regulations, for them to assess and evaluate as to compliance with the building standards, appropriate specifications of materials to be used, minimum sizes of rooms and spaces, and the methodology used to ensure the structural safety and worthiness of the building for the occupants. Further, Water and electrical connection shall not be granted to the owner in the absence of a building permit, occupancy permit and Firer safety Inspection certificate.

In Visayan Dialect not transcribed
 Tanang pagtukod magkinahanglan jud na og Building Permit adto sa Municipal Engineer sa lunsod diin tukoron ang building. Kinahanglan nila itapot ang permit number sa building site. Kon walay permit number, adto isumbong sa inyong municipal engineer. Ang opisina sa municipal engineer sa Talibon naa ra sab sa munisipyo tapad sa municipal library. Pangutana lang didto sa guard in duty.

All construction will require a Building Permit to the Municipal Engineer of the city where the building will be constructed. They have to affix the permit number to the building site. If there is no permit number, go report it to your municipal engineer. The office of the municipal engineer in Talibon is also located in the municipality next to the municipal library. Just ask there guard on duty.