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Emails Referred to In GD Meads Rant on 30th October 21

YouTube Name: A foreigner Telling Truth in Philippines

Recently Geoff Mead went on a rant on his YouTube Channel with allegations that he said was the truth and was quoting Emails that we had exchanged.
Well so much for his ethics by divulging the contents of emails between two people to a worldwide audience.

We did say we wouldn’t respond to his rants, but we shall post the full set of emails,
Not just the selective part that was read out on YouTube, He was being so honest, he didn’t even read out our reply to him:

We at Expatsforums have tried to remain netural and not take sides,
In the 10 plus years that we have been operating this is the first time that we will really have to choose who we support.

As for the wide allegations (once again without any proof) he has told you all that we are doing it for views and Adsense.
If he had taken the time to read our About Us page, he would have known how we are funded and a lot more about us, not just the parts that he choose to report on incorrectly.

As We have told Geoff, We appreciate his input, but we do not need him.
We were here a decade before he came along and we will be here after he has gone, as we have a succession plan in place.

What Geoff is trying to achive is beyond us as he is currently appears to be on a path of self destruction.

As mentioned, here are screenshots of the actual emails that Geoff Mead was refering to.