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Did Boss Hoggs House Really Cost Over A Million Pesos?

For those that follow Brian Smith, aka A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines, You will all be aware that he has said many times that his house (If you can call it that) , cost over 1, 000,000 pesos.
This is for a building that doesnt even have modern facilities or sofits or even ceilings.
We have here a video of a house that was built in the Philippines at a cost of under half of what Brian Smith said it cost him.
We must say here that it may have cost him over a million pesos because his good friend and number one scammer, Tin Tin was the project manager.
We will leave it up to you to choose, Would you wand Brian Smiths one million peso house or the one featured below for half the price?

Again we thak a viewer for alerting us to this comparison