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Attacked for doing things correctly

YouTube Name: Defeating Poverty

Here we have perhaps the only Vlogger in the Philippines that is doing things the correct and legal way, only to be attacked by a troll by the name of Gary Lanard Martin from the USA.
He goes under various channel names including KongKing in the Philippines, The Gary Martin show and Not Rocket Science.
This troll has a very checkered past, has never been to the Philippines yet has set himself up as an Authority on all thins Philippines.
He has aligned himself with several other Vloggers with questionable activities in the Philippines.
We don’t often take side on matters but in this case we shall make an exception.
Please have a look at the page we have on this Lunatic, [LINK]
We encourage you all to report his videos that contain untrue or hateful content as this person has no place on YouTube.


This is a Video from the “Defeating Poverty” YouTube Channel which is linked to YouTube so they will get the Adsense revenue from it.

A Statement from the admin of this Charity People are very confused about how charities are organized in the Philippines. No natural person can ever be a registered charity in the Philippines, so the claims made by others that their unlicensed charity was subsequently approved and allowed to continue is very misleading and totally false. They were never approved. Their illegal charity was closed down by the DSWD, so they were forced with others to form a separate legal entity, a juridical person and that juridical person is the charity not them. That juridical person which is the actual charity corporation is required to operate transparently and within the law. In my case as allowed by law, I operated as part of a juridical person from the start originally de facto and then de jure. So from the start the charity corporation not me personally is the charity. Because I am working with the DSWD on behalf of the charity and not defying their orders, as I mentioned I am receiving every assistance. From the start I have working within the time tolerances and taking the advantages of exemptions that has without fear or favor allowed to operate legally. However although I could have continued helping people while working on the securing certain documents, not required to make me legal but to give the charity additional rights and options, due to the false claims I have decided to devote my energy to completing certain administrative requirements. Some ignorant people has seen that to be an admission that I have in some way operated illegally either personally or in a corporate capacity, that it is not the case. However if they believe that I have operated illegally in any way, they are well within their rights to file a complaint to the appropriate agencies.