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We are currently seeking information about who has been blocked from Brian Smith and Maricel Smiths YouTube channels.
We are attempting to gain information so that we can clarify the claims that open comment is being blocked and therefore the real truth is being stifled.

Viewers that have notified us that they have been blocked on Some YouTube Channels

YouTube NameBlocked On ChannelCommentsEmail
Don GraceA Foreigner Farming In The Philippinesdisgrace333@btinternet.com
Barry WhitleyA Foreigner Farming In The Philippinesbarry.whitley22@gmail.com
An Aussie farming in the PhilippinesA Foreigner Farming In The Philippinesyes Brian hates me.. he calls me a troll because i gave him advise on how to repair his mower,,,,,willorwilliam@hotmail.com
Cebu BossmanA Foreigner Farming In The Philippines verified today. my comments dont showxcebu@yahoo.com
Jordan Melby VlogsA Foreigner Farming In The PhilippinesI know he scamming peoplejordanlovesfilipionos@gmail.com
waeaweerrauuiioooA Foreigner Farming In The PhilippinesNot Stated
JannotasleepA Foreigner Farming In The PhilippinesNot Stated
Gary AllenA Foreigner Farming In The PhilippinesYes i too got blocked but i know he can still read ghosted comments !!gazza_66@hotmail.com
Cathie StuartA Foreigner Farming In The Philippineskms2708@aol.com
Sverre MortveitA Foreigner Farming In The PhilippinesHe can't take advice or any critic on farming obviously, and animal cruelty can be seen everywhere, and he claims he can't do it anymore because he is such an animal lover, pathetic!siaz@live.no
Barry WhitleyA Foreigner In The Philippinesbarry.whitley22@gmail.com
Ron HA Foreigner Telling Truth In Philippinessam.jones521908@gmail.com
ExpatinLeyteA Foreigner Telling Truth In Philippines I was blocked on this channel when I said if you talk about bringing Duterte down,it might affect all us expatswalkonwheels67@gmail.com
Barry WhitleyA foreigner's Wife in the Philippinesbarry.whitley22@gmail.com
Barry WhitleyMaricels Homestead Kitchenbarry.whitley22@gmail.com
FairwindMaricels Homestead Kitchenfairwind@pacbell.net
Barry WhitleyT$B Martin giving Hope incbarry.whitley22@gmail.com
MKII A Foreigner Telling Truth In PhilippinesCan't handle questions on his agenda, and selective manipulation of information he puts out
Gary AllenMaricels Homestead Kitchengazza_66@hotmail.com
FairwindMaricels Homestead Kitchenfairwind@pacbell.net
CWGeoff David Mead ChannelI'm blocked from Geoff David Mead channel. Fuck off you pussiesTroll@yahoo.com
Faiwind A Foreigner Telling Truth In Philippines fairwind@pacbell.net
FairwindA Foreigner Farming in the Philippines fairwind@pacbell.net

Please place your information into the form below and send it to us.
Information forwarded from this form is automatically placed on our Blocked list.
If you feel your name has been placed here incorrectly.
please email us at admin@expatsforums.com and we shall investiagte it for you.