Bohol Scammers

Here is information, mainly on the Bohol Expats, but also identifies several other YouTube vloggers and other expat issues in the Philippines.

There has been much said about the controversay about several YouTubers in the Philippines.
There has also been alegations about fraud and ebegging on Youtube Chanels by, “A foreigner in the Philippines ” but also about other ebegging and controversial YouTube Vloggers in the Philippines.
 A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines”“A Brit Living in the Philippines” , “Maricel’s Homestead Kitchen”  “Tim K” , “Blind Owl Outdoors”, A Foreigner Living In the Philippines, “Reekay’s Life Beyond the Sea”, Steve Montelli “The Ahern Family”, and a few others that they äre all ebeggers. (As information becomes available on others, we shall publish it here) 

If you have sent money for projects undertaken by these Youtubers you may wish to list them here so that all moneys can be investigated to see if it actually got to those projects. Or was it spent on Personal items such as Own house improvements, Own Swimming Pool, A B&B Business, Prestige Motor Vehicles and/ or Overseas trips.

If there is any information that is not correct we invite you to prove othewise and we shall gladly delete it.
By the same token, if you can offer additional information, we will gladly publish it here.

Many thanks to all our followers for their input, the list of expats who are funding their lifestyle by scamming others or by ebegging is continually growing.


Our Greatful thanks to Roger for these videos as they do a much greater job of explaining what goes on in the expat ebegger community in the Philippines.

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MANILA, Philippines, 13th February 2021 —
A Polish national who is wanted in his home country for sex crimes was arrested by police and immigration agents in Siquijor island on Sunday. Dariusz Zygmunt Ziolkowski was arrested by Siquijor police and personnel of the Department of Justice-Bureau of Immigration past 6 a.m. in Candanay Sur, Siquijor, Philippine National Police chief Gen. Debold Sinas said Monday.
Ziolkowski is the subject of a warrant of arrest issued by the Polish Judiciary District Court of Wroclaw Fabryxzna on May 7, 2018, for sexual offense against a minor.
“Much as we welcome visitors to our country, foreigners who committed serious crimes in their own country, especially sexual offenders who prey on children will be apprehended immediately,” Sinas said.
He said it was a commitment to the international community to assist its foreign counterparts in arresting fugitives.…


No It was not Two Tone Dick :)

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