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We have tried to keep this site as open as possible, However, there are too many that have not respected this privilege.
While we do not want to close Comments, it is fast getting to the stage where we may have to introduce a registration system in order to post comments.
We are of two minds on this as it takes a lot more administration and is one of the reasons we moved away from having our “Forums” concept. So if some time in the future you find you have to register in order to comment, don’t blame us, blame those who abused that privilege.
Even when we were a FORUM, we had only blocked a handful of people, but, we have found it necessary to instigate this again, Believe us, we do not do this lightly.

A recent  comment Aledgedy from G D Mead
stating that the money that Brian Smith owed him had been paid
 to the Sydney Childrens Hospital.
This turned out to be untrue and was removed

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Due to the high number of Spam and Messages from Bogus Accounts, we have withdrawn this privilage.
We have identified several TROLL Accounts and are working on exposing more very soon.
While it is sad that we have had to do this, It does prove that our message is getting out and starting to make some people very nervous. We shall keep bringing you updates, including the outcome of legal proceeding as and when they occur. To those genuine viewers, we thank you for your continued support and we are investigating better sofware that will help filter out spam and bogus accounts and hopefully to bring this comments section back online again soon.
The Expats Team