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Do Government Departments Even Look at Legal Documents?

Once again, our thanks to our viewers for passing this on to us so we can all share it.

We have attached here the legal filings of the Terence-Beth Martin Giving Hope Inc.
This document was supplied to a viewer by the Securities & Exchange Commission so it is the legal document filed by Terence-Bethe Martin Giving Hope Inc.
To most it is just a formal document that is lodged as a requirement of Corporations.

But this one is different as it contains information that is not true and correct.
If you look at the Corporation Name on Page 1 and compare it to the Corporation name on page 4 you will note that they are different, whereas they should be the same

Now this has been pointed out to the SEC, no doubt the persons who signed off on this, from both the Corporation and the SEC will face penalties and/or prosecution.

Only time will tell.

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