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Dustin Backpacks

YouTube Name: Dustin Backpacks

Dustin Borglin, an American backpacker from Michigan, who makes a living by skimming donations in the name of charitable work in the Philippines

July 2021 Update

Credit for this video goes to the creator

Looks like Dustin Backpacks is making plans to leave the profitable hills of Toledo City. His latest video shows him with gf Reche. Telling his viewers that he won’t go without her USA is the goal. But then he reminds her ” very difficult” to travel on tourist visa to USA for Reche.

Obviously he has filled his backpack with enough money to hit the road.

For those who say that he does not solicit for funds, Check these out:
GoFundMe – gofundme.com/f/DustinBackpacks
Become a Patreon https://www.patreon.com/DustinBackpacks
Paypal DustinBackpacks@gmail.com

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