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BOI Inconsistencies

Hello Sir Geoff & Expats Team,

It is me again, Madeline from Moal Boal.
I have put together some concerns I have about how the Bureau Of Immigration appears to be handling the obtaining of a 13A Visa in the Philippines.

This was prompted after reading the comments on a YouTube Video posted by “A Foreigner Telling Truth In Philippines”.

The topic was about the requirements to gain a 13A Spousal Visa.

There were comments from four different people that had recently obtained such a Visa.
Yet, all had different requirements to meet.
Not so much different requirements, as the requirements are on the BOI website for all to see so there is not question about the requirements.

The question is about were those requirements were or were not met or implemented?

Of concern to me was the common comments from all, that the question about the financial capacity of the applicant was not even asked or considered. Even though it is clearly stated as a requirement.

The question of having to have a medical report, was also not required in at least two of the comments.Then there is the allegation that you can bribe BOI Officials and use a “Fixer” without needing to even go for an interview.

Being a Filipina, I am very aware of the existence of “Fixers”, and so does the Government.
Because in my area, almost every Government department has signage saying “Do Not Use Fixers”. So, they can not deny that they exist.
I am not sure if that signage in in the BOI offices or not.

All this has prompted me to write to the BOI for an explanation as to the inconsistencies in applying the rules and requirements.

The reply should make interesting reading


The one that doesn’t write emails to Geoff Mead. 😆