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Help Stop Appalling Employment Conditions on Bohol

We try not to take sides here at ExpatsForums, but every now and then something comes up the we believe we should support fully.
Please watch the video below and if you feel as we do, please lodge a complaint with the Department of Labour and Employment
Just a short email with an overview would be fine and point them to this YouTube Video as it explains the complete issue very well.

This is a video from the YouTube Channel A Foreigner Telling Truth in Philippines on September 2 2021 Named  Bosshog being disprespectful to linda

Below is a copy of our Email to DOLE,
Please fell free to use this as a basis for your email

Department of Labor & Employment
7th Floor, DOLE Building
 Intramuros, Manila

To: secshb3@dole.gov.ph, osec@dole.cov.au cc: magbanuabi_bohol@yahoo.com, doleboholfo@gmail.com

Kumsta anad Mabuhay
It is with great sadness that we have to bring to your attention the unlawful employment conditions being imposed upon a local lady working for a foreigner in Bohol named Brian Granville Smith of Purok 5 , Tanglihague, Talibon , Bohol.

Please go to the video on YouTube and you will see what our concerns are.
The Video link is:- https://youtu.be/rsBteUVrpFg

Further information about this foreginer is also available on our website at:- https://expatsforums.com/brian-smith/

Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Team @ Expats Forums