“The Raw” (minus the Facts) & Response

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“The Raw” (minus the Facts) & Response

We have recieved this email from a long time viewer.
Before posting this, we asked for a response from The Raw Facts,
They have replied and we post their response after the first email.

On your website I note that you support “The Raw Facts” YouTube Channel.

This channel started with gusto and it was refreshing to see someone else come aboard and look at the Vlogger issues from a different point of view.

They have produced quite a few videos, but they really haven’t given out much at all.
Everything they have is just opinion and supposition only on their part.

Unfortunately, apart from a couple of basic documents, they have produced No Evidence Whatsoever.

That’s why I have titled it “The Raw” (minus the Facts).

In my opinion (Using their logic) associating your great website could affect your credibility.

Please don’t let them drag you down to their level.

Feel free to publish (even my name if you wish as I have nothing to hide, not like the anonymous people behind The Raw Facts), this if you so wish as, I believe there are many that think the same way.

 Barry Scott


 Thanks for the email. I think the sender of the email and many others seemed to have some or, a lot of concern with the last two videos we released in relation to Gio and Brian Smith. 
Because these two videos painted the two in a somewhat positive light, many were offended and maybe feel we should concentrate on showing up all the negativity about them. 
I have spoken to Perry and he gave me a frank opinion which he said many may think the raw facts have gone soft on these people. This is definitely not the case but I can understand their position. 
I will be concentrating on the original format of the raw facts and keep away from highlighting the scammers in any positive light. 
If the sender of the email is known to you, I would be happy to speak to him or even you by the phone. I think through a telephone discussion it would be easier to understand my position. Both Perry and Geoff have spoken to me by phone and they know who I am and I am real. 
I did try to. Parody my position on Brian Smith in the last video so he can take a look at it. 
I have realized that no matter what video I release there will be people who support the content overwhelmingly and there will be people who hate the content overwhelmingly. One can never satisfy everyone, but I try my best. 
I will be happy to address any emails you have received regarding the raw facts, and maybe we can have a conversation some time soon. 

ExpatsForums wishes to advise you that, articles, Media, videos etc are the property of the creator and we thank them for their contribution and as we always say.

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  1. Gday ExpatsForums,
    I write not as a YouTube channel owner but a follower of your site and noticed your latest posts in regards to The Raw Facts .
    The email you posted from Barry Scott was informative and he named himself, openly.
    The response from the Raw Facts was however NOT so open and the reply was signed, David, and that is not the name of the person in the videos.
    The person who signs in that reply ”’David” is in fact one Ahmad Khan.
    Why if he is so into facts does he not even give his own Factual details but a fake name?
    I submit that anyone purporting to issue facts to an audience yet supplying a false name has zero credibility.
    I also submit that until ”David” is prepared to properly identify himself then the email from Barry Scott is far more truthful and –factual– than the fake response by someone who for whatever reason, is not being open and honest about his own identity.
    G D Mead.