Let Us Help Make Stacey Famous


Dear Viewers


I am writing to supply details   to  outline  to  all viewers  how  we can realise  the  dream of  this  individual who is  craving attention, and  fame.

His  efforts  so far  on YouTube  have  not  produced the  results he  obviously desires, that  of  acclaim and  fame  and  recognition.

So  I  thought, we,  as  caring people,  can help make  his  dream  come  true.

Therefore  I  ask all  watching to  contact the  following sources  to  help and  assist  Mr Dixon with his  dream.

Below  are  a  variety  of  contacts  I feel we  should  contact  on his  behalf  to   bring  him to  attention  of  the  ”’shakers and  movers”  in the  State  of  Arkansas.

Firstly I would  contact  his  local Police  Station  in Cotton Plant, Woodruff  County and  speak with the  Chief,  a  certain Willie  Frazier  who  can be  contacted  by writing to Cotton Plant Police, 175 Main Street Cotton Plant Arkansas  72036.

Or  you can  telephone  Chief Frazier on  area  code 870  number  is 459 2011,  with your  admiration and  story  on Mr Dixon and  his  wonderful YouTube  channel  putting the  town on the  map.

You  can  include  in your  letter   a  link to this  amazingly  informative  and  educational channel  to  show  his  dedication to  enhancing the  world  wide  opinion of  people  from  his  jurisdiction.

Please  do  not forget to  inform Chief Frazier  how  pleased  you are  to  know  he  has  such a  soft spot for  his  residents  who  use  firearms   in  a  manner  of  extreme  carelessness  but  obviously  his  policy  of  enforcing any kind  of  safety  to  local  residents  is  indeed  a  relaxed  policy as   Mr Dixon shows  by  indiscriminate  firing  of  his  weapons  around  his  property  resulting  in  blasting even his  own personal vehicle. So gratifying to  know  that  firearm safety  in his  jurisdiction is a  priority.


The  Mayor  of  Woodruff County  is  Clara Harston-Brown who I am sure  will be  thrilled  to  know all about Mr Dixon and  his  opinions  coming out  of  her  county. The  mayor  can be  contacted  at the  Arkansas  Municipal League, P O Box 220 Cotton Plant AR 72036 and  on telephone  number 870) 459 2011 as  well. 

I am sure  the  Mayor  will be  delighted  to  see  her  constituent giving the  impression to the  world  her  part  of  it  is  peopled  by  ignorant imbeciles and  that  because  of  his  efforts  on YouTube, a  campaign  is  being started  in Australia  to  boycott    not  only her  County , but her  entire State  as  hostile, negative  and  downright objectionable.
Yes, I am sure  once  you bring the  Mayor  up to speed  on the  disgusting actions  of  Mr Dixon, she  will be  thrilled  to  know  he  resides  in her  ballywick?

The  most read  and  widespread  newspaper  in all Arkansas  is  the  Arkansas Democrat-Gazette   and  can be  contacted  by calling,  area  code  501)  378 3400  and  I urge  all  in the   USA   to  do  so  and  bring Mr Dixon  to their  attention also.

Perhaps  suggest a  reporter  visit Mr Dixon so  he  can showcase  in  their  newspaper  his  magnificent You Tube Content and  bring about  his  status  as  an upstanding  crusader and  wonderful  representation of  the  people  of  Arkansas? 

But  let  us  not  leave  out the  main players  in bringing Mr Dixon to  public  attention.

As I am doing , please  contact Ms  Shea Lewis who is  the Cabinet Secretary of the  Department of  Parks, Heritage  and  TOURISM

Ms Lewis  can be  contacted  by e-mail, which is: shealewis@ arkansas.gov or  by  telephoning area  code 501 324 9162. 

Please  inform  Ms  Lewis  that due  to  the  efforts  of  Mr Dixon a  campaign to  boycott tourism in her  State  is  being  undertaken in Australia as  it appears  crazed gun men and  foul individuals  like  Mr Dixon do nothing to  warrant visiting there.

The  Deputy Director  of  Tourism for the  State  of  Arkansas,  Kristine Puckett will likewise  probably wish to  know  of  Mr Dixon’s  efforts  to showcase Arkansas  as  peopled  by  inbred  morons,  hicks, and  imbeciles,  who are  self admitting of  dangerous  use  of  firearms  and  defaming honest foreign people  he  knows  nothing about and  abuses  with  his  foul and  disgusting YouTube  channel is  totally undermining every effort she  works  so hard  to  project. 

Thus  bringing about the need  to  start a  campaign from Australia  to  avoid Arkansas at all costs, thereby  destroying all she  and  her  Department are  trying to achieve. Ms Puckett  can be  emailed  on kristinepuckett@arkansas.gov  and  don’t forget to  include a  link to the  Dixon YouTube  channel  which shows  the  rabid  insanity  of  this  person, who I am sure  that after  seeing, the  Arkansas  Tourism Department will not be  employing  him  as their  poster  boy any time  soon?  


But  no  need  to stop there as  Mr Dixon should  be  given maximum exposure  for  his  efforts  to  show  the  world  what  upstanding citizens  of  Arkansas are  doing to promote their  State  so with that  in mind  please  also contact  the  Governor  of  Arkansas Sarah Hickabee Sanders who  can be  found  easily  on Google.


Again  include a  link to Mr Dixon’s  YouTube  channel so the  Governor can see  for  herself  how  Dixon shows the  world the  mentality of  Arkansans. I am certain she  will be  impressed  with  the  calibre  of  Mr Dixon?


No need  to  stop there  either.

Mr Dixon and  his  dream of  fame and  fortune  should  be heralded to  his  Congress  members  for  his  outstanding contribution to  Arkansas  as  a  seriously concerned  resident who  is  doing his  best  via  social media  to  showcase the  wonderful and  intelligent attitude  of  the  residents  of that State  so  by all means  contact  in the  first District, Congressman Rick Crawford

second District French Hill third  District Steve  Womack and  fourth District Bruce  Westerman, all  easily  found  on Google.

Yes  viewers  and  concerned  people  it  is  plain to  see and  realise  that  all these  officials  should  be  and   are  entitled  to  become  aware  of  this  National treasure,  Mr Dixon for  his  superhuman efforts  to   take  the  reputation of  Arkansas  to  new  levels  of  loathing and  hate. 

But wait–there’s  more!

No celebrity  is  bona  fide  without at least  one  good  Television appearance  so  bearing that  in mind, you can  contact  Mr Dixon’s  local TV Station KATV  on newsroom@katv.com  and   assure  them that  an interview  with Mr Dixon  to  make  known his  extraordinary talents  about how  he  single  handed  has   made  it necessary  for a  community  awarded   and  valued  charity  worker from Australia   to  begin a   campaign  to  boycott tourism to Arkansas.

Yes  viewers, Mr Dixon is  surely a  person who deserves  this  recognition for  his  outstanding efforts  to  reinforce  the  world’s  opinion that he  and  people  like  him are  the  worst  kind  of  lowlife  that can exist.

That he alone has damaged  the  reputation and  standing  of  his  State  with  his  lunacy,  vile  and  foul  productions  of  false,  misleading  lying and  disgusting views  and  all the  while  happily  telling everyone  this  is  what you can expect  when in Arkansas.

Thank you everyone   ,
I myself  have  been and  am in contact with all of the above mentioned  persons  and  organisations,   and  I hope  you will be  too  as  Mr Dixon should  be  recognised  by the  proper  authorities  for  his  work and  rewarded  appropriately–don’t you think? 



I am writing to supply details   to  outline  to  all viewers  how  we can realise  the  dream of  this  individual who is  craving attention, and  fame.

His  efforts  so far  on YouTube  have  not  produced the  results he  obviously desires, that  of  acclaim and  fame  and  recognition.

So  I  thought, we,  as  caring people,  can help make  his  dream  come  true.