Expats Forums Being Investigated?

Contrary to rumors. As far as we are aware, there is currently no legal proceedings against our website.
While there have been several bogus claims over more than a decade since we have been running, there has not been any succesful claims.and we believe that this will continue.

To this end, we keep our commitment to remove any content that can be proved to be incorrect or defend our right, to the full extent of the law, to publish material in the interest of public knowledge.

We reniterate, that this site provides a platform for those on YouTube to display information such as photos, videos and documents that can not be easly posted on YouTube.
Therefore we do not own any of the content posted herin and this is clearly displayed many time throughout our website.

Of all the information posted, Not One of those mentioned have questioned us about the validity of the content, which in itself proves the validity of those contents.

As a matter of interest, several, Including Brian Smith and Terence Flannery have been sent numerous email and letters asking for there comments, but all to no avail.

So for the forseable future, we shall be continue doing what we have been for over a decade.

Thanks for all you support


The Expats Team