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How Long Does It Take?

How long will it take for these scammers to be brought to justice ?

There are many who do not understand the way things work in the Philippines.
Such as how long will it take to being the scammers to justice.
We could trot out the old saying of “How long is a piece of string?”.
But we have found a good example in the news to demonstrate this.

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In this case the warrant for arrest was issued in 2013, it is now 2021, some 8 years on.
That’s how long it took to arrest this guy.

The arrest is only the first step, who knows how long it will be before there is a trial and even longer for a sentence if he is found guilty,

So to those of you who keep saying to Us, G D Mead, Andy Omar, The Raw Fact, Roger Williams and others, How long will all this take?

We certainly hope that it will not take as long as this for the scammers to be arrested or put out of business.

Well this is a prime example of how long things can take here in the Philippines.