How To Run A Milkfish Operation on Bohol

By a Bohol Milkfish Pond Operator

On a recent Livestream amongst a load of garbage was this little gem.
It was advice on how to run a milkfish operation in sea pens off the coast of Bohol.

This information must be correct as it has come from an experience Fish farmer and is based upon personal experiences.

The video is short, but very informative, as it even gives reasons for the failure of such a venture.
These reasons I find quite interesting. They have nothing to do with incompetence, Lack of planning or financial resources.
But Squid and  Local felons who Pilfer your stock.
Who would have thought?

But it must be true because although no proof has been shown, it comes straight from the mouth of someone who has been there and done that.

This is from excerpts taken from a video by A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines