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Is This Anyone We Know?

YouTube Name: Not Stated

Opening our emails every morning can sometimes be a dull and boring process, but every now and then we get a gem such as this.

We believe others may have received it, but we wanted to confirm if it was real or not.

We have checked and the names, case number and judgement are in fact on record as listed.

We can not verify if this is the same person that we are all familiar with, but with so many similarities we thought we would post it and LET YOU BE THE JUDGE

The United States Bankruptcy Court. Middle District of Florida

Bankruptcies List:
Case No:        
0902052                    Date:               Feb  04 2009
Judge:            ALEXANDER L. PASKAY

Terence Peter Martin
   1730 Hanson St,  Fort Myers,    FL 33901
Judgement No:    12531                 Amount:          $34,746.80