Jimbo 360 BANNED 

The Team here at Expats Forums have made a decission to BAN all Jimbo 360 information from our site.
The reason is that while we initally supported his work, of late he has been producing so many half truths or even absolute false information. Things he has been saying as facts were just assumptions.
We do not know why he has changed his tact, because although he has always censored the comments on his channel and even banned subscribers from commenting on things that he didnt agree with.
For  the most part, he did have good content and gave a different point of view, however, recent videos have not showen the same balance as previously.
His recent support of a known Pedofile Channel and questioning of a well respected Filipino charity worker were the last straw as far as we are concered.
So if  you want to still wish to follow this wannabe YouTuber, we are sorry, but you can not do it here.

The Expats Team