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Andy Omar

aka James Bond, Reekay, Gio, who knows ? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Andy is another that is out to expose expat scammers, but to date has not really provided any truths to his allegations.
He appears to live in a very small apartment in Angles City and does his videos mainly from a second hand motor vehicle.
Recently he has shown videos of him constructing a Studio from which he can stream his content.

Maybe we are being unfair on our summary of Andy, but so far all we have from him is hearsay.
However, he does appear to have many contacts so that shoud give results in the near future.
Our intel also tells us he is working with some others and will soon be able to show us what he is all about.
You be the judge !


From Andy’s Blog
People ask me, “Why do you go after these vloggers, they don’t do anything wrong?” Well, there are kids who are hungry in the Philippines, people who have lost their jobs during scamdemic, and unnecessary deaths due to hunger. Then….. you got these grown ass men, with all their limbs, with the ability to work, who are begging for their coffee funds, bikini funds, pimping out impoverished women, sex courses on manipulating women, who don’t do a DAMN THING for the Filipino community. Here is a reminder, instead of giving funds to these guys, contact a local Rotary Club (almost every major city) or local charity (legit organizations) and donate. .12/03/2020 and the like andw

You make up your own mind

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