Barry Jordan

previously known as Barry Giordano,  AKA Meet Barry J, Barry J’s Moto Vlogging & Real Talk

Barry Jordan is Finally Arrested

Credit for this video go the Amazing Philippines Channel. Please support them

Barry Jordan has over many years displayed what many would describe as unethical behavior in the Philippines
His treatment of woman would not be tollerated in the Western world so we ask, why is it deemed by some to be acceptable in the Philippines.
There is also evidence that he survives by ebegging.

Barry Lee Jordan

Credit to Alou Manotti for this video – Please Watch Via YouTube

Credit to Alou Manotti for this video – Please Watch Via YouTube

We have only provided he a small selection of videos about Barry Jordan. .

Barry Jordan First Scam 2016
Credit to Alou Manotti 

Barry Jordan Ebegging for Funds

Threats and the law

The True Moster Revealed

please be on alert BARRY LEE JORDAN AMERICAN age 45 from DECATUR ALABAMA USA residing in SAN AUGUSTIN in TABLAS ISLAND BARANGAY CAGBOAYA Walking distance to VARANGAY HALL. Staying with BHABES GALOS MERCANO. MR JORDAN is an over stayer in Philippines 6 years. On a fraudulent SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY and is under investigation by CEBU NBI ..WRITE DETECTIVE GAOIYAN he has made numerous death threats to another foreigner and is mentally unstable. I URGE SAN AUGUSTIN police to apprehend MR JORDAN ask for his passport.He has bald head, chain smokes, coughs quite a bit possible COVID. He entered SAN AUGUSTIN ILLEGALLY by paying a BANKA BOAT to take him from ROMBLON. He drives a newly purchased mor cycle his GF SIGNED for no registration no licence mr JORDAN operates a you tube channel called Barry J’s MOTO VLOGS

All we are doing here is bring basic information to you in order for you to make up your own minds.

If you search on YouTube for this guy you will find many more similar videos.

As we always say, Never Send Any Money or Goods to Vloggers and You Be The Judge.