Kyle Jennerman

AKA BecomingFlilipino


BecomingFilipino is an adventure. It is the journey of a young Canadian “Kyle Jennerman” trying to “Become Filipino”. Simply put, I am not Filipino. 

I don’t have a Filipino passport and it would be almost impossible for me to get one. Truth is I will never be able to say “I am Filipino”. 

But there are so many simple beautiful things that I have experienced and witnessed that make up
Filipino culture… 

Things that I would be honoured to learn from, and be honoured to share with the world around me.

Well that’s his official line.

 However, we believe all is not what it seems to be on the surface.

We have been given quite a bit of information on Mr Jennerman and once we can verify it, We shall bring it to you here

Update as of 10th March 2022

Update as of 29th December 2021

Videos are from the YouTube Channel “The Raw Facts”