AKA GIO in the Philippines

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Introduction Video from his own YouTube Channel.

A Different Point of View

An Analysis of GIO In the Philippines by “The Raw Facts” September 28 2021

The Lying King – GIO as shown on the Andy Omar YouTube Channel

The LYING KING is at it again. Love scamming. 49 yr old poses as 42 (1971)?, says he is ready for marriage which clearly he aint and lying to these woman telling everything they wanna hear for that poon. Lying to Filipinas again 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂. He “wants” children (dude claim your child here in Philippines). He scuba dives? when have we seen him dive? Singing? what that gay voice?

He lies to his audience he lies to woman, lies to his kids and even about his kids…. the LYING KING.