Meljean Solon

aka Meljean Solon


Believed to now be Under Investigation
by BIR, DWSD and others

More information has recently come to our attention and “The Raw Facts” YouTube Channel has copious amounts of information on this ebeggar and has shared the same with the authorities.
We have included a video on this , but we strongly urge you to go to The Raw Facts” YouTube channel and see this information for yourself.

The Kellner Chronicles YouTube Channel also has a video out on this ebeggar and make interesting viewing (copy below)

We are lead to believe that she is the other half of “Roaming Hogan” an Irishman who has since fled the Philippines.

With over 80,000 subscribers it gives her a large base to work from and a great potential Adsense income.
Believe that, Now she has a big please explain on how she accumulated so much weath is such a short time and isnt even registered with the BIR.

Credit for this Video goes to
“The Raw Facts”  YouTube Channel.

Credit for this Video goes to 
  “Meljean Solon”  YouTube Channel.

New House, New Car, Extensive Travel, sole family supporter But with no actual job!
Now the Authorites are starting to ask how this can be

The Presidential Decree document refered to is available to read or download  here

As and when further information becomes available, you can be sure we will bring it to you here.


If you have information that you are willing to share, please email us at

Note: These are only video links and we have no control on if or when they are removed and apologise in advance if you can not acces them as as fast as we put them up as evidence, the scammers are delteting them from their Youtube channels